Employee Reviews



I would say throughout this whole scenario BEC has from the start put employees first, they have been considerate, informative and definitely gone above and beyond any other employer that I personally know of, it has just given me a feeling that this is a company I can trust and feel they will always be loyal to me


I think BEC has handled the COVID 19 crisis exceptionally well. There were clear plans and phases which were put into place and executed well, both in the beginning and now coming out of it as well


I feel as though BEC have been very accommodating throughout the entire Covid-19 process. They have continuously kept all staff members updated with every phase that has been put into practice within the business, following the government guidelines. They have also continued to keep a positive perspective on the way the business is moving forward ensuring we keep regular contact with one another reassuring us all


Working at BEC is consistently encouraging as you work in a very friendly team.

The rewards are worthwhile including incentives like bottles of wine, chocolates etc which really motivates me and the team daily. Training is provided by your team leader and support is always available from your manager as well as my colleagues who are always willing to support based on their years of insight and industry experience.

I love working for BEC, it’s fun and every day is different – you can come in one day and be playing table tennis or bowling to see which team wins. My manager is always thinking of new ways to keep the team engaged. 

Zoe (joined Jan 2014)

BEC prides itself on offering a more simple and transparent service than others on the market, and the wealth of industry experience within the company is key to its success. New team members are made to feel welcomed and full training and ongoing support is provided to ensure people can reach their full potential, positive customer feedback is celebrated, and financial rewards are extremely high.

There is regular incentives and night outs and whilst individuals are expected to own their own targets there is a good team culture and atmosphere

Roopesh (joined July 2016)

Since joining BEC I feel the working environment is great. I’ve won several incentives continuously to drive my performance which motivates me daily. I feel BEC is a great company to work for. No 2 days are the same, every day is different I am learning and developing myself on a day to day basis. There are monitory progression opportunities and through this, I love working for BEC Consultants. 

Karl (joined Feb 2016)

Working at BEC, in a nutshell, is a great place to work. The working environment is phenomenal compared to my previous employers. Here at BEC, the team create a fun but professional culture where performance and behaviours come first. The support myself and my colleagues receive is great and ongoing as BEC is committed in developing consultants to the highest level through continuous success. 

Charlie (joined May 2014)

Having been one of the 1st employees to ever join BEC I have nothing but great comments to make about my career here. Through the support and coaching received on an ongoing basis, I have developed my portfolio and as a result, BEC allows me to build my own destiny. The more customers I have helped to save money, the larger my portfolio becomes. Over the last 6 years, I’ve seen the business grow from 4 consultants to now over 30 employees within the business. This makes me proud to be part of a rapidly growing organisation – consistently moving forward and experiencing growth after growth. The culture at BEC is great, it’s a fun, competitive working environment and this allows you to massively develop your own potential and maximise earnings year on year. Since working at BEC, I’ve purchased my forever home and therefore, this speaks volumes around the security of working in my role at BEC. 

The support here at BEC both personnel and business are tremendous “the door is always open” and I really find the directors very approachable. It really is a great place to work and I couldn’t see myself elsewhere.

Vikki (joined Nov 2018)

Love working here at BEC. The rewards, incentives and support are transparent and highly effective combined with the environment and culture of being fun and fast paced. The incentives reflect the hard work we put in. I genuinely believe in the values here at BEC as it directly reflects my own and above all, having a transparent and ethical approach with BEC customers is key for me. I love the team I work with as everybody pulls together to support each other, sharing best practise and tips to help with each other’s development. Ongoing support and feedback from my team leader is always available to hand and our operations director is highly experienced and valuable to BEC which really helps in keeping focussed and increases commitment to self-develop. Since my time at BEC, I have had allot of support from the leadership team especially during my transition of becoming a senior consultant. I feel highly valued and part of a great successful and experienced team.