Why choose us?


The energy industry is complex- partly due to the volatile nature of the wholesale energy market constantly being at the mercy of global political stability, partly due to the historic set-up of the gas and electricity infrastructure in the UK which is clunky and expensive to maintain and partly due to the number of different parties involved in installing, maintaining, reading and billing meters. Add to this the confusing array of different tariffs and contract terms littering the market by a multitude of different suppliers and their internal sales processes which are designed in a way which would mean you may have to speak to up to 6 different teams over a 3 month period in order to get close to the most competitive offer available and this is why having your own energy expert is beneficial.

The truth is there are competitive prices available and savings to be made but knowing how to access these in a quick and convenient way is a skill which requires significant knowledge of the industry.

We have that.

BEC is made up of energy experts, each member of the team has had long, successful careers with one of the BIG 6 suppliers, collectively we have worked as contract negotiators, industry trainers, senior managers and customer account managers-  we know every part of this industry inside and out. We know the systems and processes in place at your current supplier and are able to navigate successfully around it in a quick and effective way.

We have strong professional and personal relationships with many of the suppliers from the Big 6 to the small emerging companies and a wealth of green suppliers too.

Unlike many consultants on the market today we do not ask you for a fee or a percentage of the saving we achieve for you- we are paid by the suppliers not our clients. We do not ask you to sign documentation simply to receive a quotation we respect your right to shop around, and we do not ask you to sign an exclusivity contract to us.

We do however hope that our honest, transparent, friendly approach and exceptional service means that you choose to use, and remain with BEC.