Employee Reviews



I would say throughout this whole scenario BEC has from the start put employees first, they have been considerate, informative and definitely gone above and beyond any other employer that I personally know of, it has just given me a feeling that this is a company I can trust and feel they will always be loyal to me


I think BEC has handled the COVID 19 crisis exceptionally well. There were clear plans and phases which were put into place and executed well, both in the beginning and now coming out of it as well


I feel as though BEC have been very accommodating throughout the entire Covid-19 process. They have continuously kept all staff members updated with every phase that has been put into practice within the business, following the government guidelines. They have also continued to keep a positive perspective on the way the business is moving forward ensuring we keep regular contact with one another reassuring us all


Working at BEC is consistently encouraging as you work in a very friendly team.

The rewards are worthwhile including incentives like bottles of wine, chocolates etc which really motivates me and the team daily. Training is provided by your team leader and support is always available from your manager as well as my colleagues who are always willing to support based on their years of insight and industry experience.

I love working for BEC, it’s fun and every day is different – you can come in one day and be playing table tennis or bowling to see which team wins. My manager is always thinking of new ways to keep the team engaged. 


BEC prides itself on offering a more simple and transparent service than others on the market, and the wealth of industry experience within the company is key to its success. New team members are made to feel welcomed and full training and ongoing support is provided to ensure people can reach their full potential, positive customer feedback is celebrated, and financial rewards are extremely high.

There is regular incentives and night outs and whilst individuals are expected to own their own targets there is a good team culture and atmosphere


Since joining BEC I feel the working environment is great. I’ve won several incentives continuously to drive my performance which motivates me daily. I feel BEC is a great company to work for. No 2 days are the same, every day is different I am learning and developing myself on a day to day basis. There are monitory progression opportunities and through this, I love working for BEC Consultants. 


Working at BEC, in a nutshell, is a great place to work. The working environment is phenomenal compared to my previous employers. Here at BEC, the team create a fun but professional culture where performance and behaviours come first. The support myself and my colleagues receive is great and ongoing as BEC is committed in developing consultants to the highest level through continuous success. 


Love working here at BEC. The rewards, incentives and support are transparent and highly effective combined with the environment and culture of being fun and fast paced. The incentives reflect the hard work we put in. I genuinely believe in the values here at BEC as it directly reflects my own and above all, having a transparent and ethical approach with BEC customers is key for me. I love the team I work with as everybody pulls together to support each other, sharing best practise and tips to help with each other’s development. Ongoing support and feedback from my team leader is always available to hand and our operations director is highly experienced and valuable to BEC which really helps in keeping focussed and increases commitment to self-develop. Since my time at BEC, I have had allot of support from the leadership team especially during my transition of becoming a senior consultant. I feel highly valued and part of a great successful and experienced team.


“I’ve been here since the start of the year and genuinely couldn’t be happier. The professionalism of the interview stages, the training and the environment is so well balanced with a fun, energising and motivational culture. Fantastic employee benefits offered week on week that help drive my personal performance and the team leaders and business directors always hear and react to feedback from their colleagues and employees.
I definitely plan on being here long term and can already see the benefits of a career with BEC Consultants. Thankful for the opportunity!”


BEC is a small business with a big heart, the leadership team are approachable, friendly, genuinely care about the employees & there is definitely not the ‘us & them’ divide I’ve felt at other places I’ve worked, everyone matters. The fun, friendly and supportive environment makes for a great team feeling and wonderful place to work.


Working at BEC has been refreshing ever since I joined last year. All employees are well looked after, and management go that extra mile to make it a happy working environment. The atmosphere is great, and the fun never stops. Developing as a Sales Consultant here at BEC has been nothing but rewarding and the guidance/training I have received has got me to where I am today.
I feel very lucky to of found an amazing job like this during a pandemic, they have been nothing but accommodating and the practices are there in place to make sure we are all safe. Looking forward to seeing how BEC has progresses in the future.


I Joined BEC in July 2019, since then I feel I’ve grown a lot in my career and pushed myself to levels I didn’t think I could.
It’s a great company to work for if you like to be pushed to your best every single day. There is pressure but there is great support and reward. I’ve gone through the process of Leadgen, to End to end, to becoming a closer and as promised it isn’t easy but it’s rewarding in all elements. The company is growing and wants its employees to grow with them and that’s clear to see with the amount of support and coaching given.
It’s a small business, I came from a larger organisation which lacked a personal touch. BEC is closely knitted, from the Top downwards everyone is approachable and open to feedback.
In summary, I’ve enjoyed my time so far at BEC and look forward to the challenges in the future. If you like a company that’s open, close knitted pushes you and expects you to bring your best then I’d recommend it highly.


Since joining BEC in July 2020, I was instantly made to feel like I am part of the BEC family. Starting a new job role can be very daunting but BEC make you feel extremely welcome and the daily support they provide is impeccable. I have learnt several new skills since I joined BEC and continue to learn new skills daily. Every day Is different, and I can honestly say that every single person within BEC is friendly and supportive. I genuinely love my job and look forward to learning more skills as my career continues.


Working at BEC has been an absolute pleasure so far. I have been able to join a workspace with no prior knowledge within the industry and feel as comfortable as if I had been in the role for a lifetime. I have been trained by the best and been able to apply their knowledge to my role. I have been able to improve month on month and this is due to the open-door policy that BEC have – allowing me to take on board coaching points and better myself by the day.
We are also in a pandemic and BEC have made me feel safe whilst being in the office every day. All policies have been implemented and are changed with each announcement/policy change from the government. All in all, BEC is a great company surrounded by great individuals. I am excited for my future with this company – also, to see the company grow further.


I joined BEC in September 2019 and since then it’s been a great journey, lots of learning about sales which the business gives lots of training and help for. The best bit about the business is the earnings and the fact BEC feels like a family more than anything, I have won many incentives! To this day the support we all get from BEC is top level!