Customer testimonials

Many thanks for your help in finding more competitive suppliers for both gas and electricity for the library.
Your guidance, expertise and trouble have been greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again at our next renewal dates.
Diane Brown

Diane Brown

Mechanical Engineering Company

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Karl at BEC Consultants.

Sue Watts

Electrical Distributor

Hi Karl,

Just to thank you for all your help and great efforts in sorting out our suppliers for  the electricity and gas.  We have experienced nothing short of the highest quality of customer service  and we were most impressed with your  promptness and professionalism. Should any of the companies under our group have any requirements, I will most definitely recommend BECs Consultants.  Thank you for making everything stress free for us.

With best wishes,



Leisure & Hospitality Company

Before BEC Consultants became involved with (company name) energy contracts it was a major task dealing with the each energy supply across the numerous properties that (client name) are responsible for.
Not only do we have numerous sites, on numerous floors, with numerous meters but they all had different suppliers with all different contract end dates. To make things more difficult this aforementioned issued was duplicated as it was the same for both gas and electricity.

The company is an ever evolving company and so we find that we are often occupying new premises and also leaving properties. Again, adding to the confusion of the management of the energy contracts.
As well as the above, the responsibility/task and management of this area often changed hands and so control eventually subsided.

When Mitchell first became involved I couldn’t tell him for definite what properties had which contracts or even who the suppliers were. That soon changed though after Mitchell actually came into the office and I was able to provide him with the latest hard copies of invoices. He then went through them methodically over the course of the next few weeks with me slowly drip feeding him any correspondence when I came across them.

Once Mitchell had acquired a full over view of what supplies we were responsible for, on our authority, he then obtained all the contract end dates, suppliers, usages, prices and presented it back to us so that we had an accurate overview.
With this collated information he then presented direct prices comparisons on each supply to show the significant savings he could make us.

Over the course of the next six month period, again on our authority, he was able to terminate all our contracts when they due for renewal so that we didn’t incur any further higher charges.

He then ensured that we transferred all sites to the same supplier and managed the whole transfer process so that we didn’t need to spend any time dealing with the outgoing suppliers. The outgoing suppliers did indeed get in touch sometimes however I pointed them in Mitchell’s direction and any issues were resolved by him with us having to spend any more time on them. To say that the whole process has been seamless is an understatement.

We now have total confidence that all the energy contracts are managed effectively moving forward and it doesn’t take any time away from any one person at our company. When we obtain new premises, leave an old property or have any energy related questions then the first people I call is Mitchell.

Yes there were savings made but more importantly I think is the way the professional manner in how the control was given back to (client name) and how easy it is to work with BEC Consultants.

Recruitment Company


Great service, consistently come out on top in the battle of the comparison providers.

Many Thanks

Jeff Lloyd

Jeff Lloyd

Publication House

Jordan has been our saviour in our quest for value in choosing a supplier for the heating and lighting of our portfolio of houses and flats.

Always keen to give his time and expertise to advise us as to the best deals available to suit our needs.  Always helpful and willing to assist should there be any question or problem.

BEC Consultants have our wholehearted well-earned support.

Friendly and accommodating, such a pleasure to do business with.

D Gray R Underhill

D Gray R Underhill

Property Management